Slow updates, more soon…

It’s been a year and a half since I first set up this site, and while I’ve only posted once before now, I am planning on making use it. I won’t be blogging here, but I do expect to post the random thought or musing. The real reason for this site, however, is for me to start posting the occasional story (or chapter, etc.).

After a year and a half of writing short stories I am still unpublished as Virginia Ray. This is not me whining or making some other big statement, and it’s not a step away from submitting stories as Virginia Ray—I have had a fairly successful year and a half, but under a different name. I don’t believe it is an issue of writing quality, but rather markets pursued (and perhaps a bit of luck, good and bad).

I have a handful of stories that I’ve been unable to place—some of which will find a home here. Additionally, over the next year I plan on starting a novel series and I’ll post either segments or side stories that compliment the larger work. It’s all an attempt to showcase what I’m about.

More soon.

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